One can receive the blessings and benediction from Lord Murugan....

Thanjavur style paintings are famous for their beauty and exactitude. Although there are many talented artists for Tanjore Paintings, creations of only a few have divinity and reality.

With the blessings of the great divine sage Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharishi, over the past 12 years Artist Mr.Muthu Krishnan has been creating traditional Thanjavur Paintings maintaining its characteristics Mark. His paintings are divine, lively and are comparable to the grace and divinity of the temple deities.

At Thanjai Ramana Arts & Crafts, we not only make Thanjavur art Paintings, but also teach that ancient art to anyone who has the interest to learn it.

RAMANA ARTS & CRAFTS sells the thanjavur painting of the artist Mr.M.Muthu Krishnan . He is from a traditional background. His family is involved in thanjavur painting for hundreds of years. Their forefathers did this art from their native Theni. And at present, Mr.M.Muthu Krishnan and his brother are doing thanjavur painting in Chennai.

Mr.Muthukrishnan hails from Kamatchipuram in Theni district. After learning the art from his revered Guru Thiru.Indrajith, he was been practicing this art for 12 years. His paintings have been purchased by people from UK , USA , Japan , South Africa , Singapore , Malaysia , Nigeria , New Zealand , etc,. In India , particularly in Tamilnadu his paintings adore the Pooja/Prayer rooms of customers. Besides traditional Tanjore Paintings,divine figures of God and Goddess have been created by as per “ Samudrika Lakshanam”. The speciality of these paintings is that the eyes look realistic as if they are looking at the viewers, wherever they are positioned.

Mr.M.Muthu Krishnan himself is having above 10 years of experience in thanjavur paintings.His Thanjavur style paintings of divine figures exude energy like idols of Gods and Goddess, as vouched by all those who have viewed them.

To his credit, his thanjavur paintings has been sold worldwide. And in Japan we have a good customer base. And we are very proud to spread this very old, sacred art throughout the world. And to tell a few, his thanjavur paintings has been kept in the London Museum, Tamil Sangam kalyana mandapam - US.

Mr.M.Muthukrishnan is conducting various different courses for thanjavur paintings. From short time diploma to slow paced courses.

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